Brittany +  Kitty in Hold It Against Me

And because tonight an episode of Glee airs that noone seems to care about, have a gifset of a ship that noone seems to care about.

Is Kittany even their correct portmanteau? It’s better than Britty for sure … Britty was a name that we called this annoying girl in school that would always follow us around everywhere, only to then stare at us while we were having conversations. So, no on Britty.

Paily + eyefucking

Decided to make another one of these because I found a better download in the meantime. It’s crazy how much of a differance that can make. Although I still don’t like the bottom left one at all; I can’t seem to grap a single sharp frame of that scene for the life of mine. Either I’m incompetent or they had smudge on the camera lense when filming this.

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